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 Post subject: Possibly medievel, heroine presumed dead...
PostPosted: Sun Nov 17, 2013 3:58 pm 
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Cole North says:
Thanks much for prompting this discussion; all the contributions have been excellent!

I stumbled in here while trying to track down a historical romance novel with this exact denouement. I went through all the titles/authors listed but I don't think the one I'm trying to find has been named. I hope it's all right to tag my request onto yours and provide a description just in case this sounds familiar to anyone. I wish I could remember more details to make it easier/possible to reverse search! As it is, all I'm providing is a spoiler. Sorry but thanks for any help.

It's a medieval historical romance published perhaps ~15 years ago (or earlier) and it left me rather disquieted but every once and awhile parts of the novel flash into my memory and now I want to find it again-- perhaps I would enjoy or understand it more as an adult.

I believe the heroine was Scottish and the hero was a knight/nobleman or Scottish laird. He was cold, cruel, and seemingly heartless and I found it unpleasant reading what the heroine endured from him throughout their 'love story.' (. . . That's probably why I felt disquieted and didn't bother retaining the book, convinced I would never want to read it again).

Towards the novel's conclusion, after the heroine had suffered heartache constantly, she was suddenly forced to flee the castle on horseback, in mortal danger (from the hero's enemies, iirc). I vaguely remember that by fleeing, she may have been trying to protect the hero from those who would use her against him but whatever her motive, she felt compelled to feign her own death so she could finally escape. She smeared blood (from one of the fallen enemies, I believe) onto fragments of her gown caught on the horse's saddle and escaped on foot and hid herself, hoping the enemies would be deceived after tracking the horse into believing she'd already been killed.

Instead, the horse returned to the castle. When the hero and castle guards saw all the blood on the saddle, they became convinced the heroine had been killed. Iirc, the heroine was not able to return immediately and by the time she finally did . . . the hero had descended into a state of total mental instability, literally insane with grief/anguish in the certain belief that he'd lost her.

Does this sound like it could be any of the medieval/historical romances already listed in this discussion . . . or another one you may have encountered? Thanks again!

PS: I seem to remember that there was a title keyword 'Lion' or perhaps 'lion' was part of the hero's noble title/estate name.

It is NOT THE PRIDE OF LIONS by Marsha Canham.

I hope you can help. I would really like this to be found.

Thank you very much in advance.

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 Post subject: Re: Possibly medievla, heroine presumed dead...
PostPosted: Mon Nov 18, 2013 11:49 am 
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Maybe on of these?

The Mer-Lion by Lee Arthur
Lion’s Heart by Suzanne Barclay
Lion of the North by Suzanne Barclay
Lion’s Legacy by Suzanne Barclay
Lion’s Lady by Suzanne Barclay
Pride of Lion’s by Suzanne Barclay
Taming the Lion by Suzanne Barclay
Lion Heart by Tanya Anne Crosby
The Lion in Glory by Shannon Drake
The Lion of Mortimer by Juliet Dymoke
Lion of Trevarrock by Constance Fecher
Heart of a Lion by Hillary Fields
A Memory of Lions by Parke Godwin
Lion’s Bride by Iris Johansen
Shield of Three Lions by Pamela Kaufman
Lion of Ireland by Morgan Llywelyn
Pride of Lions by Morgan Llywelyn
The Lion’s Bride by Connie Mason
The Heart of the Lion by Jean Plaidy
The Lion of Justice by Jean Plaidy
Lady in the Lion’s Den by Elaine Reeve
In Pursuit of the Green Lion by Judith Merkle Riley
White Lion’s Lady by Tina St. John
Black Lion’s Bride by Tina St. John
Bride of the Lion by Elizabeth Stuard
The Lion’s Angel by Libby Sydes
The Lion and the Leopard by Mary Ellen Johnson
? The Lion and the Rose by Jane Oliver
? The Lion is Come by Jane Oliver
? Lion and the Lotus by Joyce Verette
? The Lion and the Dove by Jory Sherman
? The Lion’s Shadow by Marta Lloyd

 Post subject: Re: Possibly medievla, heroine presumed dead...
PostPosted: Tue Nov 26, 2013 1:51 pm 
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Thank you very much Daisymau. I forwarded your suggestion.

Here is the original post: ... 3IPCGQP4UQ

( you have to scroll down in order to see it. It is a post by Cole North)

and my post on Amazon: ... FMIYHUEYCI

 Post subject: Re: Possibly medievel, heroine presumed dead...
PostPosted: Tue Jan 14, 2014 12:34 pm 

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Is it THORN OF THE ROSE by Sandra Davidson? I seem to remember a scene in that book where the heroine tried to hide from Queen Elizabeth l because she was the daughter of Elizabeth's favorite and Mary, Queen of Scots. Sound familiar? Hope this helps.

 Post subject: Re: Possibly medievel, heroine presumed dead...
PostPosted: Tue Mar 04, 2014 5:34 pm 

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Sounds like Judith McNaught Once and Always

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