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 Post subject: VERY HARD TO FIND older romance. Desperate for HELP!
PostPosted: Sun Apr 07, 2013 6:39 am 
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From Amazon's message board:

MaryG says:

Sorry for the length and vagueness of this post.

In recent years I've thought of and tried to recall a book read in the early-to-late 1970's.

The publishing date would have been late 1960's to mid-1970's or thereabouts.

Author - frequently Victoria Holt, Georgette Heyer - that ilk.

When: 1700's or 1800's (?)
Where: Probably England or America

Male protagonist: Most likely 30's, wealthy, landowner - estate
Female protagonist: 20-ish (?) - loyal, basically sensible

How they got together:

She was sent for, brought to his manor. He offered to send her brother to a prestigious school or place of employment in exchange for her marrying him. Uncertain how she came to his attention, perhaps her father had been in his employ or had been a tenant and then died. Her brother may be the only close family she has remaining to her. Male made it appear to be primarily a business deal - he helps her brother and she gives him an heir.

Wedding night - don't remember details, but was apparently business-like as opposed to seductive or violent. I remember that the morning after, at breakfast she was embarrassed to be around someone who had touched her intimately. He matter-of-factly told her that it would get better in time.

Their marriage continues and the relationship does seem to be improving. Then, of course comes the crisis. He was away from the house (on his land or a trip elsewhere) and a man comes and visits with her. She does not know that he is her husband's enemy. The baddie may want to get the estate, either by fraud or killing her husband.

He has gone when the husband returns. Either he found out about the bad guy being there, or she told him. He accused her of plotting against him. A violent rape occurs - don't think it was more than a sentence or so - and then he rides off after the other guy. A female servant helps her, getting ointment or salve for the damage the "hero" inflicted on her. Despite being in physical pain, the heroine believes that she has to save his life. She rides off after both men. No idea what happens, I assume that the other guy was killed or imprisoned.

The husband is shocked that she would care what happened to him, after he had raped her and so brutally. He tells her that he had wanted her very badly before they were married, but that he was "trying to not scare her off" by being too amorous. He had been trying to gradually lead her into a closer, more sexual relationship.

The only other clue that I can recall is the feeling the word green may have been in the title...seems to me that the estate or at least the coveted/disputed part had Green in the name.

Up until the rape, I had enjoyed the book well enough. It was working as a character study and I remember wishing that the melodramatic elements had not been introduced into the story. Realize that this filtered through several decades and literally an untold number of books in the interim.

Any help would be greatly appreciated. I've tried to locate the book using various search parameters, but so oftentimes the older books do not contain a synopsis. This was a library book, and seen for perhaps a week or two.

Thanks in advance,


More info about the book from MaryG and some other readers who think they've read the same book:

The only absolute as far as publishing date goes is that it was before January 1981 - the reason being that it was a library book from California, and my family moved from there at that point in time. Also it was checked out by my mother - under 16 years of age, collections were delineated. That would place it pre-1976.

It actually sounds like a book I read in HS around 1973 or later.... I remember the much of what you've posted--- it was an AVON book and the woman on the cover was a blonde (I thought the book was cool and my soon to be a missionary best friend thought it was trash!)

I can still see the cover, green and blue with a blonde woman on the cover (getting out of a carriage). I remember the arranged marriage and the coolness in the beginning. The rape too (though I don't remember the reasons why). If anyone remembers the book-- I'd be thrilled too! I think it was published around the time of The Flame and the Flower and Sweet Savage Love (1972-1974)

The sex was graphic (she was injured and bleeding in the genital area)

Another faint impression - the other guy may have been either a relative of the husband (inheritance issue) or his steward (fraud).

Now I'm frustrated, because I can almost remember reading this book, but can't for the life of me remember the name! If I'm remembering rightly, Hero met Heroine because her father owed Hero gambling debts, and when the father died, Hero came to collect.

Original post: ... 6XFQJAPS4Q

I hope you can help.

Thank you in advance.


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